05 April 2014


Assalamualaikum dan hye peeps,as we know or doesnt know or forgot,okay i'm just kidding that 26th Mac is a Minseok's birthday.Okay i already early planning that want to do some artwork like a drawing,poster  but yaaa as a form 4 students is a buzier students than i thinking its a relaxes but its not.if we really want to do that things, it doesnt care that youre busy are not bcs it fun to do that somethings we wanna do.I'm think i'm a lier when i sad i dont have a time, it have but one more things is idea and a laziness.

Lazy is a cause that i'm not doing any artwork, but i already makes one poster to her birthday but i'm not satisfied with the artwork, okay how cerewetnya aku.Okay just forget it, act its birthday entry so move on.

  • Real Name: Kim Min Seok (김민석)
  • D.O.B: March 26, 1990
  • He explained that “Xiu” is “Soo” in Korean and that “Min” comes from his real name, “Minseok”. So Xiumin is Soomin in Korean. (131103 Love Game - trans by ggamjongin)
  • Luhan calls him ‘Baozi’ because when they first met he was cute and his face was round, like a bun.

Recently, Xiumin, a member of EXO, had the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be a barista through “The Celebrity” magazine. Always mentioning coffee as one of his favorite things, Xiumin is known to be a coffee lover.(cr)

EXO about Xiumin:
  • Kai about Xiumin : "Although his appearance is cute, he is a hyung that protects us."
  • Suho about Xiumin : "He’s clean,gentle,manly, and a cool member that always does his best."
  • Kris about Xiumin : "A cool member that is thorough with his self maintenance." 
  • Luhan about Xiumin : "He’s clean and neat."
  • Chanyeol about Xiumin : "He’s clean and hard-working" 
  • Lay about Xiumin : "A hyung that takes care of his dongsaengs very well." 
  • Baekhyun about Xiumin: "A cute,delicate person. He thinks of the members a lot and always works hard"
  • D.O. about Xiumin: "He takes care of himself well"
  • Sehun about Xiumin: "Like the eldest hyung, he’s the most adult like" 
  • Tao about Xiumin: "A hyung that will always take care of me"
  • Chen about Xiumin: "He’s neat and honest. A reassuring eldest hyung."

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